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Cork? Like Wine Corks?
Yes, it’s the same material, shaved from the bark of cork trees. We use what is essentially cloth, made from thin strips of the same kind of cork, to create the most unique, luxurious, lightweight handbags that have ever been available.

Tell Me More About How CORX Fashion Accessories Are Made…
Cork oak forests are found in the western region of the Mediterranean, with the majority of the forests found in Portugal. The trees live between 150-200 years old with the bark (cork) removed by hand every nine years or so. This process does not stress the tree in any way.

Sheets are made with very thin strips of cork to create a fabric that is similar in many ways to leather, except cork is much lighter. These sheets are hand sewn together to create CORX products. Each is made one at a time in small shops located throughout the cork growing region of Portugal.

Unique Womens Designer Handbag

What Kind of Special Care Do They Need?
None. Simply use water and a little soap to clean when necessary. Bear in mind that the membranes that make up the cork cells contain a waxy substance, called suberin, which does not allow the cork to absorb dust, dirt or moisture.

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CORX Designer Cork Handbags, Purses, Wallets, Jewelry, and our Home and Fashion Accessories are Vegan and Eco-Friendly
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